FMO Rechtsanwaltskanzlei - Urheberrecht


Safeguard of your works

  • e.g. business documents, manuals, pictures, media works, software, architecture plans, presentations, innovative concepts, etc.
  • Securing the priority and the prima facie proof of copyrights through registration at the ARCHIVIUM of the Austrian Bar Association
  • Special copyright statements and/or agreements, if a work or parts of it were created by third parties (advertising agencies, employees, joint author)

Licensing & exploitation of your copyrights

  • Licensing agreements and support in negotiations
  • Special know-how in the exploitation of media works

Defence of your copyrights

  • Confiscation in case of product piracy, in Austria and EU-wide
  • Civil law action against unlawful use of your works by filing action for injunction
  • Criminal proceedings against copyright infringements
  • Filing actions claiming damages in case of unlawful use of your works